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The senior research associate of Institute of the USA and Canada of RAS Vladimir Vasilyev in a conversation with FBA "Economy Today" explained the decision of the House of Representatives of the USA t...

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The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said that the American politicians continue to consider Latin America a zone of the exclusive interests.

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The former head coach of Russian football team Boris Ignatyev answered a question whether it managed to national team to change the attitude of fans towards her.

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The Podolsk court of Kiev prolonged arrest to the head of RIA Novosti Ukraine to Kirill Vyshinsky till May 24.

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"Factor of control of Washington": what the new Chinese strategic bomber — RT in Russian will be capable of

The new strategic plane of the Chinese armed forces H-20 is going to make the first flight. Global Times reports about it. The national television of the People's Republic of China showed a skilled copy, but its characteristics are still strictly secret. Foreign media assume that the plane is executed according to the scheme "flying wing" with wide use a stealth technologies. The Pentagon is afraid that H-20 will become threat for the American naval bases in the Asian region and a continental part of the USA. At the same time experts warn against hasty conclusions concerning efficiency of the car. Why Beijing strengthens the distant aircraft, RT found out.


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