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In the American State of Florida the man opened fire in local bank, as a result of an incident at least five people died, WSB TV with reference to police reports. According to preliminary data, the su...

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Ukrainian leader Pyotr Poroshenko during negotiations in Davos noted importance of expansion of the UN peacekeeping mission in Donbass.

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The Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro accused the USA of attempt to make a coup d'etat in Venezuela which, according to him, tried to put "the puppet in the interests" in the power.

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Reconstruction of the Gorelovsky overpass in St. Petersburg is planned to be completed in August, 2019, with reference to the press service of the Transport Infrastructure Committee reports.

Date: 2 weeks ago   Category: Science

"Exclusive find": as light of the dying star helped to calculate the speed of rotation of a black hole — RT in Russian

The American scientists measured weight and for the first time calculated the speed of rotation of a supermassive black hole in the center considerably of the galaxy, remote from Earth. The mass of a space object can be from 100 thousand up to 10 million mass of the Sun, its diameter by 300 times exceeds terrestrial, and the speed of rotation is more than 50% of the speed of light in a vacuum.


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