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The De Morgen edition reports that 27 citizens of Belgium continue to receive the pension payments appointed still by the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in 1941 from Germany.

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The Ministry of Emergency Situations said that more than 500 people were evacuated from the hostel in Irkutsk because of ignition in the building.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden called the ambassador of Hungary Adrien Müller in connection with the statement of the Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zholt Shemyen.

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The minister of social policy of Ukraine Andrey Reva compared growth of national economy to soccer.

Date: 5 months ago   Category: Science

Evolution in a test tube: The Nobel Prize in chemistry was given for reconstruction of natural processes in vitro — RT in Russian

The Swedish royal academy of Sciences has awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry to American Frances Arnold for studying of evolution of enzymes and also to American George Smith and British sir Gregory Vinter for researches in the field of peptides and antibodies. Works of scientists on the directed evolution of proteins and peptides are recognized as breakthrough. The enzymes received in a test tube can be used in a set of branches — from creation of biofuel to pharmaceutics and also in treatment of autoimmune diseases. In more detail about opening — in the material RT.


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