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The senior research associate of Institute of the USA and Canada of RAS Vladimir Vasilyev in a conversation with FBA "Economy Today" explained the decision of the House of Representatives of the USA t...

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The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said that the American politicians continue to consider Latin America a zone of the exclusive interests.

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The former head coach of Russian football team Boris Ignatyev answered a question whether it managed to national team to change the attitude of fans towards her.

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The Podolsk court of Kiev prolonged arrest to the head of RIA Novosti Ukraine to Kirill Vyshinsky till May 24.

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Effect Clinton: why the American Democratic party has cut off powers of superdelegates — RT in Russian

The national committee of Democratic Party of the USA (NKDP) has limited powers of superdelegates — party elite which could vote on primaries for any of applicants for a presidential chair. Now democrats will define candidates from the party as well as republicans — only from the candidates which have got the maximum number of votes in the state. Thus, in national committee "have drawn conclusions" from a campaign of 2016 when the party top has brought to a general election of Hillary Clinton, having ignored opinion of those who have relied on Berney Sanders. The case with Sanders has revolted many voters and has led to growth of the left moods in society, experts note. By means of reform of institute of superdelegates democrats try to regain the trust of voters to the procedure of elections, but together with it lose any immunity from leftists, political scientists explain.


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