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The car expert Dmitry Popov in a conversation with Nation News commented on the message that the State Duma adopted the law on obligatory photofixing of checkup of cars.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iceland Gudlaugur Tor Tordarson said that "increase in military capacity of Russia in the Arctic raises questions".

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On the night of May 16 representatives of Protection department of fauna together with the staff of the border service detained the alleged poacher at patrol of the territory of the Poltava district o...

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The index of industrial production in Udmurtia in January — April, 2019 made 112.2% in comparison with the same period of the 2018th, with reference to Udmurtstat reports.

Date: 4 months ago   Category: Sport

"Doping is also in our world": the Belgian players in pétanque were accused of the use of banned drugs — RT in Russian

The Netherlands players in pétanque Edward Vinke and Kes Kogye accused representatives of the national team of Belgium in the use of banned drugs. The concrete names are not told, however it is about participants of certain large competitions. The representative of the International federation of pétanque and a Provencal game (FIPJP) Reynold Borja disproved charges of athletes. According to him, doping really is present at this sport, however it is widespread at the amateur level.


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