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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin discussed possible withdrawal of the USA from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) with the management of the Ministry of Defence.

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The Syrian army completed the military operation near the Safa plateau — the last stronghold of fighters of Islamic State * in the south of the country, it is said in the statement of the General Staf...

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The European Union intends to take measures in connection with a situation in the Sea of Azov in the nearest future, the head of diplomacy of the EU Federica Mogherini at a press conference in Brussel...

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The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Energy Committee Igor Ananskikh commented on completion of construction of a sea part of "The Turkish stream" in a conversation with RT.

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"Damage to image of the president": the former head of the campaign headquarters of Trump has gone to the transaction with the special prosecutor Müller — RT in Russian

The political strategist and the former head of the campaign headquarters of Donald Trump Paul Manafort has agreed to the transaction with the investigation which is carried on by the special prosecutor Robert Müller. He has pled guilty on two counts and has offered "valuable information". In spite of the fact that Müller is engaged in case of "the Russian intervention" in elections of 2016, in the White House have already said that data which Manafort is going to transfer aren't connected with Trump in any way. Experts believe that the transaction of the political strategist really doesn't pose direct threat for the American leader, however democrats can use this trial to weaken positions of republicans before intermediate elections.


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