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The English Manchester City Football Club wants to sign the contract with the defender of Brazilian national team Dani Alves, but the limit on legionaries does not allow to make it.

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Penalty fee will be added to the amount of debt of Russia before the Council of Europe, the director of the department of the all-European cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrey Kelin told...

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Release of the seamen detained for violation of the Russian border in 2018 has to become the first step for restoration of dialogue of Kiev and Moscow, the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said....

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The ex-football player of Russian national team Ruslan Nigmatullin assumed what the goalkeeper of Lokomotiv to Gilerma counts when signing the new contract on.

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"Concept of the American egoism": how far disagreements of the EU and the USA on the Iranian question — RT in Russian can come

The USA called wrong intention of the European Union to allocate $20,7 million to Iran as financial aid. The State Department considers that thus "the incorrect signal" is sent, and the decision on support of the Iranian citizens has to be made by Europe and the States in common. Experts note that Donald Trump's administration tries to convince Europe of need of accession to new sanctions against the Islamic republic, expecting that the EU will buy energy resources in the USA, but not in Iran. At the same time the European leaders aren't ready to close the Iranian market for the companies. How far disagreements between Washington and Brussels — in the material RT can come.


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