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The chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin said that Vladislav Roslyakov opened fire and explosion in the Kerch polytechnical college because of humiliation from peers.

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The board of District administrative court of Kiev asks to initiate the procedure of an impeachment of Petro Poroshenko and to excite in the relation it and heads of a number of departments of Ukraine...

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The constitutional court of Latvia recognized as corresponding to the basic law educational reform which imposes a ban of teaching in Russian at all schools, except younger. Experts predict that it wi...

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The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Elena Zerkal said that the Russian side "cardinally changed tone" in negotiations with Kiev on the case of detained by Russia seamen of the Ukrainian Navies.

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"Commercial arguments are not taken into account": as an exit from a power ring of BRELL can affect residents of the Baltics — RT in Russian

Exit of the countries of the Baltics from the general with Russia and Belarus can lead power rings of BRELL to increase in tariffs for the population and slow down growth of economy of the region, the experts interviewed by RT consider. Earlier Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak said that Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will be able to import the electric power from Russia after reconnect the power networks to networks of the European Union. The system created in the USSR provides a mutual insurance of the countries on a case of state of emergency and also provides power supply of the Kaliningrad region. The Baltics threaten with an exit from BRELL many years. At the same time Moscow already provided autonomous supply of the region.


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