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Deputies of the State Duma in the third, final reading adopted amendments to the current legislation which forbid to transfer the rights for collecting debts on housing and public utilities to the thi...

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The president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed the decree on dismissal of 22 heads of regional administrations.

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The president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky congratulated Ursula von der Leien on election on a post of the president of the European Commission. About it the Ukrainian leader wrote on the Twitter.

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The Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov expressed concern about attempts of radical representatives of the Georgian political elite to kindle Russophobic moods.

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"Commercial arguments are not taken into account": as an exit from a power ring of BRELL can affect residents of the Baltics — RT in Russian

Exit of the countries of the Baltics from the general with Russia and Belarus can lead power rings of BRELL to increase in tariffs for the population and slow down growth of economy of the region, the experts interviewed by RT consider. Earlier Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak said that Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will be able to import the electric power from Russia after reconnect the power networks to networks of the European Union. The system created in the USSR provides a mutual insurance of the countries on a case of state of emergency and also provides power supply of the Kaliningrad region. The Baltics threaten with an exit from BRELL many years. At the same time Moscow already provided autonomous supply of the region.


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