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The plane of Azur Air airline performing flight from Antalya to Moscow for technical reasons returned to airport of departure. Reported about it in the press service of the airport.

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On the night of July 23 in the children's camp in the territory of the Holdomi tourist's complex in Khabarovsk Krai there was a fire. At that time there were 189 children. As a result of state of emergency the 11-year-old girl died, nine people suffered, including four children from three in whom coma. Meanwhile during clarification of causes of th...

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The club of the National Basketball Association (NBA) San Antonio Spurs declared changes in the structure of coaching staff of team.

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The Russian Basketball Federation (RBF) reported the schedule of tournaments in which Russian national team will play within preparation for the World Cup of 2019 in China.

Date: 11 months ago   Category: Science

"Centuries of rivalry and competition": as diplomatic relations between Russia and Britain — RT in Russian developed

On August 24, 1553 the British ship "Eduard Bonaventura" has dropped an anchor in the Dwin gulf opposite to the village of Nyonoksa. This moment became a starting point for political and economic contacts between Russia and England. Initially cooperation of the states was based because of common interests, however over time, according to the experts, bilateral ties have developed into the rivalry which to some extent has remained to this day. History of the political relations of two countries — in the material RT.


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