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In the Astrakhan region from the burning dry vegetation the fire was thrown on ten buildings, to the place of state of emergency the fire train is sent.

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The leading expert of National Energy Security Fund Igor Yushkov in a conversation with the NSN commented on the statement of the spokesman of the Power agency of Denmark (DEA) Toure of Falbe-Hansen c...

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The fair of young talents of the National Hockey League (NHL) in 2020 will take place in the Canadian Montreal.

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The Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Muallem during negotiations asked for China the help in fight against "Islamic party of Turkestan" *.

Date: 10 months ago   Category: Sport

Boots instead of boots: the football player of Tottenham supports the national team of South Korea to avoid a conscription — RT in Russian

The midfielder of English Tottenham the Dream Hyn Min participates these days in summer Asian games to avoid military service of South Korea. The football player is obliged to win this tournament together with national team, otherwise he should undergo 21-month conscription service or to support teams of the Ministry of Defence in national championship. RT tells how one of the strongest football players of Asia has appeared in such situation.


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