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In Quebec as a result of the high water caused by thaw and rains more than 2.5 thousand houses suffered. At the same time nearly 1, 7 thousand inhabitants were forced to leave the houses.

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Residents of Sri Lanka honored memory of the dead as a result of a series of attacks in hotels and temples of the country with three moments of silence. Adaderana reports about it.

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In the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic said that the Ukrainian military personnel seven times fired at the territory of LPR.

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The authorities of Sri Lanka received warnings from intelligence agencies of India and the USA of possible terrorist attacks in churches and tourist places of the country. CNN with reference to the representative of the government of Sri Lanka reports about it.

Date: 7 months ago   Category: Russia

"Behave too inconsiderately": whether will be able to press the USA Russia in the world market of weapon — RT in Russian

The United States actively use sanctions, pressure and other methods of unfair competition to force the partners to refuse production of the Russian concern "Almaz-Antey". It the deputy CEO for production and technological policy of the company Alexander Vedrov has said in an interview of RT. According to him, the American restrictive measures have significantly complicated negotiation process, but, despite pressure of the White House until any customer has refused the obligations and demand for production of concern hasn't fallen. Experts characterize behavior of the USA as "rough and resolute", however consider that the similar policy is doomed to a failure.


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