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The call center receiving calls on hotline with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin underwent the massive DDoS-attack from abroad.

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The independent body for fight against the negative phenomena in track and field athletics (AIU) received from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) about 110 thousand data files from the Moscow anti-do...

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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a straight line commented on criticism to United Russia party, having noted that in the 1990s the country appeared on the verge of disorder.

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Russian women's national team on fencing on sabers reached the European championship final in the German Düsseldorf.

Date: 10 months ago   Category: Russia

"Are connected with crime": what is known about attacked a military echelon in Transbaikalia — RT in Russian

In Zabaykalsky Krai an assault on guard of a military echelon which followed on large-scale exercise "East-2018" is committed. An incident has occurred at the railway station the Petrovsky Plant on Sunday night, on August 27. The press service of the Eastern Military District has reported about it. Guard I have used weapon against group of the unknown who have broken post border. In air criminals didn't react to preventions of the sentry and a shot. One of malefactors is killed.


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