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The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin charged to check actions of the Tyumen officials because of a situation with 22-year-old Victoria Maslova from Zavodoukovsk. URA.R...

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Ukraine refused to discuss an issue of release of the Ukrainian seamen and transfer of the ships. It on air of Russia 1 TV channel was said by the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova.

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The debt of Russia on a contribution to the Council of Europe will be repaid prior to the Georgian presidency in committee of ministers (KMSE), that is till November, 2019, the deputy head of the Russ...

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The USA and NATO does not intend to place new nuclear missiles of land basing in Europe after cancellation of the Contract INF Treaty. It was said by the Acting Pentagon chief Mark Esper, speaking abo...

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"About the section the speech doesn't go": the member of the senate of the Republika Srpska — about the prospects of settlement of a Kosovan question — RT in Russian

The president of Serbia Alexander Vucic, concerning a subject of "differentiations" with Albanians in Kosovo, I didn't mean the partition of the region or exchange of territories. It the head of the Center for studying of modern Balkan crisis of Institute of Slavic studies of RAS, the member of the senate of the Republika Srpska Elena Guskova have said in an interview of RT. According to her, despite the West pressure upon Belgrade, it is possible to hope that Serbia will refuse to recognize independence of Pristina. Especially as Kosovars, pursuing policy of intimidation and terror for the Serbian population, break a possibility of "a civilized divorce". About reefs of the solution of a Kosovan question — in the material RT.


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